TOLO Customer

Request a ride, hop in, and relax.

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Why use the TOLO app?

Safest and easiest way to ride, available in all cities across Ethiopia

With a lot of features:

- Connect millions of customers with bajaj, taxi, van, minibus, and mini truck drivers
- Lets you monitor the variations with the estimated fare in case of wrong route and delayed trip
- Earn bonus in each trip that you can use it later to make a free ride.
- Cashless payment option.
- Add balance using your debit/credit cards or by depositing cash in nearby partner bank/agents.
- Use your credits anytime to fully/partially pay for your trip, transfer to a friend, or tip the driver.
- Request any type of vehicle for ride and logistics services.
- Get bonus sharing your referral code to your connections.

TOLO Driver

Make money when you want

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The Driver app

Reach millions of passengers and make a difference, one ride at a time.

Which car you own? If it meets our standards, just register quickly and tell us the license you have to start making more money:

- Nearest order assignment: save your time and fuel as our app assigns the nearest order
- Cashless payments: instantly cash-out your earnings to your bank account or from our agents.
- 24/7 support: support and safety guidelines whenever you need it
- Earning insights: helps you maximize earnings and plan your finances better.